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be back stronger!

Ko Chen Tung was apparently caught with illegal drugs possession in China. a while ago, he appeared in public for a press conference where he kept apologizing for the wrongdoing. the emotional tearful Ko Chen Tung, said that this scar would follow him forever, and he said sorry that he had taken the given opportunity wrongly. you can wath the interview here:

be back stronger Ko Chen Thung! and, of course, our sweet angel also sent her own support via weibo:

michelle's message for Ko

it goes something like “sometimes in life we will fall, and it will leave a scar. however, we have to be brave to stand again and everything will be alright. cheer up! i am sorry i don’t know how to translate the “加油”. :p

anyway, cheer up Ko Chen Thung, be back stronger!


2 comments on “be back stronger!

  1. Joe Han
    September 2, 2014

    So sad.. Well, this kind of matter always happen on a new rising star. When we are on top, sometimes we are kinda forgot where we are come from, eventually slip with the currents. Yet this will be your up and down journey. Cheer up Ko Chen Thung, be back stronger!

  2. tiroschen
    September 8, 2014

    加油 means “cheer up” …

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