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Hot Michelle!

i don’t know why, but i find this look of Michelle is very different. it is not giving any sweet look she usually oozes out. instead this time she looks HOT!! perhaps it is because of the gangster look she has here. pardon me if i have a weird standard of hotness. 🙂

anyway, i missed the golden horse again! but, this time unfortunately Michelle was nominated for any movie although she posted some romantic scene she had with Andy Lau. 🙂

i’ll post more about it tomorrow!


4 comments on “Hot Michelle!

  1. tiroschen
    December 8, 2012

    Michelle is starring in a new movie in 北京

    • wintermelon milktea
      December 8, 2012

      ahh and that is her in that movie? the title is 北京? wua thanks for the info!! 🙂

      • tiroschen
        December 9, 2012

        北京 means Beijing .The movie called “Urban Game”.It’s about Parkour and Michelle just finished the movie today

      • wintermelon milktea
        December 9, 2012

        ohhh. i tried to google both and still could not find much info. i guess my research skill is close to rusty now. you are awesome! you are fluent in both English and Chinese, aren’t you?

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