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Michelle in Arnold Palmer

i am not sure if this is a baseball jacket although i named the picture so. however, this is one of the latest products that, i believe, Michelle endorses. this is a product of Arnold Palmer.

although it does not carry any team name there and has a bit odd collar, it surely gives you the baseball-jacket feeling. perhaps, i will leave it to the fashion expert to answer this.

anyway, i am not a big fan of such a jacket because of one big reason, that is i don’t follow baseball. in fact, i don’t even watch it once. although it is trending now, i always pass on it.

HOWEVER, to celebrate my 8000th view on my simple blog, and to send a good wish for Michelle to recover from food poisoning, and to celebrate once i get my first job, i will try to purchase this! i know i have quite a long condition to buy it, but i believe it’s necessary! at least it is so for my wallet’s health.

hope the real jacket looks, at least, as good as the picture. and, once again, get well soon Michelle! 🙂


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